How to clean silk products?


Silk is the queen of fabric, in order to keep your silk long and beautiful, hereby we give you some tips:

  • Hand washing is recommended. Machine wash at wool/silk wash cycle.
  • Be sure to use a laundry bag for silk clothing.
  • Water temperature under lukewarm 30°C/85°F
  • In the last rinse water, add several drops of vinegar, which is helpful to keep the vivid colour of the silk.
  • Roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring water from silk
  • Hang dry, DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry in the direct sunlight.
  • Ironing: Inside out using low temperature iron setting ( no water spray)

Silk detergents are highly recommended. Silk is acid resistance but not alkali. So do not use alkali detergent or soap detergent.  Never use chlorine bleach on silk. It will yellow the fibre and may cause it to breakdown more quickly.


The colours in your silk will undoubtedly fade over time. Dark colours are particularly sensitive to running and fading. Add few drops of white vinegar in the rinse water to restore shine of silk.

Iron:  Inside out using low temperature iron setting.

Store your silk away from exposure to light, especially direct sunlight. 









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