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  • What is Momme?
  • Housewife or Oxford?
  • How to choose the right silk duvet?
  • How to wear silk scarves?
  • Important tips for buying silk bed linen
  • Why should we choose Silkmood's products?
1.1 How to clean silk products?
  • Hand washing is recommended. Machine wash at wool/silk wash cycle.
  • Be sure to use a laundry bag for silk clothing.
  • Water temperature under lukewarm 30°C/85°F
  • In the last rinse water, add several drops of vinegar, which is helpful to keep the vivid colour of the silk.
  • Roll silk in a towel to remove excess water. Never wring water from silk
  • Hang dry, DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT dry in the direct sunlight.
  • Ironing: Inside out using low temperature iron setting ( no water spray)

Silk detergents are highly recommended. Silk is acid resistance but not alkali. So do not use alkali detergent or soap detergent.  Never use chlorine bleach on silk. It will yellow the fibre and may cause it to breakdown more quickly.


The colours in your silk will undoubtedly fade over time. Dark colours are particularly sensitive to running and fading. Add few drops of white vinegar in the rinse water to restore shine of silk.

Iron:  Inside out using low temperature iron setting.

Store your silk away from exposure to light, especially direct sunlight. 



1.2 What is Momme?

What is Momme?

Silk is a fine fabric, is generally measured by “momme weight” or "GSM weight"
(GSM refers to grams per square meter of fabric) instead of thread count.  Mommes (mm) are units of weight traditionally used to measure the surface density of silk. It is alike to the use of thread count to measure the quality of cotton fabrics. Silk can also be measured by weight in grams. 1 momme = 4.340 grams per square meter. The higher momme fabric is thicker in texture and of higher value due to the higher content of silk per square meter.

The usual range of momme weight for different weaves of silk are:

  • Habutai – 5 to 16 mm
  • Chiffon – 6 to 8 mm
  • Crepe de Chine – 12 to 16 mm
  • Charmeuse – 12 to 30 mm

The higher the weight in mommes, the more durable the weave, and the more suitable it is for heavy-duty use.

In generally, 16 momme is suitable for silk dress and 19momme is good for silk bed linen, 22 momme is excellent for silk bed linen. Silk bed linen under 19momme is not durable.



1.3 Housewife or Oxford?

What is the difference between a “ housewife pillowcase” and a “Oxford pillowcase”?


Oxford pillowcase has a wide stitched flat hem(usually around 5cm) round the outside to create a border, whereas the housewife pillowcase does not.

Both the Housewife and Oxford pillowcases fit snugly around the pillowcase.  The Oxford Edge pillowcase looks bigger and fancier, but the internal dimensions for the pillow are the same.


Housewife or Oxford basically means that they have no border (Housewife) or they have a border (Oxford).


This applies to all sizes of pillowcases and also to the duvet covers, you can have Housewife duvet covers or Oxford duvet covers.



1.4 How to choose the right silk duvet?

How to choose the right silk duvet?

Why there are so much difference in price of silk duvet? We hope the following information will help you to make a right decision.

Duvet casing

  • Cotton casings: the most popular and economical, Choose the cotton febric above 250 TC(Thread Count).
  • Silk casings: ideal, but pricy. A silk casing should have at least 19momme. Lower than 19momme you could encounter durability issues.


Silk fillings:

  • Long-fibre mulberry silk , short-fibre poor mulberry silk, wild silk( Tussah Silk) or silk waste
  • Hand extracted silk filling, machine extracted long fibre silk filling, chopped short fibre silk filling…


Puur mulberry silk is finer and feels very soft and has a natural pearl colour. It smells fresh. Tussah silk (wild silk) are rougher, coarser and have a brown colour and is less luxury as filling for silk duvets. Treated tussah has pale color, and disordered texture.


Hand extracted long mulberry silk is washed and stretched by hand, natural dried in the air. There are no additives, softeners or bleach added. It smells fresh and has a natural colour. Many layers are used to make one duvet filling, between layers is air trapped. Hence these duvets are more airy, softer and springier. They are far superior in comfort, durability, quality and beneficial for the health.


Machine extracted silk can be produced quickly. Less air is trapped and chemicals have been used to whiten the silk and to make it softer and fluffier. Thus it feels heavier with less spring.


Machine silk has a whitish colour. This cheaper, streamlined, industrial process of silk extraction means a loss of the benefits associated with silk fillings produced by the traditional methods: the health, anti-allergy properties and the environmental advantages


Long-fibre mulberry silk is what you should be looking for in your duvet. Cheaper silk duvets are almost filled with chopped strand silk which is essentially off cuts of silk that can't be used for anything else.


The weight of silk filling: Our silk duvet has three weights:

  • (180 gr / m²) is ideal for the hot season (sommer)
  • (320 gr / m²) is ideal for mid-season 
  • (180 + 320 gr / m²) consists of a summer duvet and a mid-season duvet to use separately or together to get a very warm duvet for the winter. 


Inspection zip:

A good silk duvet will have an long inspection zip where we can inspect the quality of silk inside the duvet. 


With or without stitching (quilt)


silk duvet with stitching tread or modeling is mainly the relatively low quality product  made of short silk thread, mechanically processed silk or spun silk waste, herefore must always be stitched to prevent the filling slips. The silkfilling is compressed and less airy. High-quality silk quilt needs no stitching, is not quilted. Since the silk thread always runs the entire width of the duvet, it must only stitched on the edge and some romdom point, the the filling will be on place.


Silkmood ONLY use hand extracted long–fibre mulberry silk and our silk duvet needs no stitching, so our silk qulit are airy, fluffy and soft.


Our products have Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification issued by the European independent textile testing authority.




1.5 How to wear silk scarves?

A scarf is an essential accessory in the women's fashion. It offers endless possibilities to accentuate the look. Wearing a scarf calls refined elegance. A scarf can be knotted in different shapes, or pinned with a gems or a brooch...

The most fashionable scarf is of silk, which creates an elegant, luxurious and glossy finish. Moreover, they are very comfortable to wear.

When you go on vacation, take a few scarves in your suitcase to create additional looks or simply create a beach fashion with your scarves. 

Here are some examples; we hope these techniques will allow you to experience the versatility of scarves and to discover the very best from your wardrobe with your creativity. 



1.6 Important tips for buying silk bed linen

Important tips for buying silk bed linen


1: Seam or seamless

Cheap silk sheets or duvet covers are often with seams, they use small width silk fabric and sewing them together either in the middle or on the both sides. Seamless silk bed linen uses the silk which is woven on very large looms so there are no seams. It is more expensive and more luxury.


Silkmood silk is woven on modern large looms, so the high quality is guaranteed. Our factory is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This means that our products are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The Oeko-Tex certification assures our products cannot cause harm to human health and the environment!

2: Momme

Momme (mm) is the unit of weight per square meter silk. Momme has traditionally been used to measure the density of silk.

The higher the weight in mommes, the thicker the fabric is and the better it is resistant to heavy use. The higher the momme the more expensive is the fabric.


In general:

12 momme suitable for scarves

12 to 16 momme suitable for silk sleepwear

19 and 22 is suitable for silk bed linen.

Do not buy silk bed linen under 19 Momme, it is too thin for intensive use. 19 momme is ideal, 22 momme is even better and more sustainable.



1.7 Why choose Silkmood?
  • Silkmood is a European company known for high quality silk products. Our products meet all European standards and norms. Many products on the Internet have the same look, but there's a big difference in quality and workmanship.
  • Our silk is woven on modern large looms, so high quality is guaranteed. Our factory is Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified. This means that our products are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The Oeko-Tex certification assures our products cannot cause harm to human health and the environment!
  • Always up-to-date with the latest fashions and trends in Europe.
  • Best quality / price ratio: We have a permanent workshop where our products are made without any intermediaries! We carry out strict quality control and guarantee the best quality / workmanship.
  • No hidden cost afterwards (import duty, VAT): We are an European company and our products are shipped from Belgium. For goods that come from outside the EU (e.g.: America, China ...), you should pay the import duty, VAT etc.
  • Satisfaction or money back! 14days return / exchange policy.
  • Free shipping for orders> € 69, others € 6.95
  • Secure Payment & Fast Delivery: Our online payment system is completely secured and your personal information is protected. We do our utmost to deliver your parcel as quickly and safely as possible to you. We work with Bpost, TNT and DPD.




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