Silk scrunchie - Skinnie
€5,80 Unit price: €0,00
Silk scrunchie
€7,80 Unit price: €0,00
Silk Pillowcase Ergo 22mm anthracite
€42,90 Unit price: €0,00
Not available
Kids duvet cover set rose
€129,90 Unit price: €0,00
Not available
Kids duvet cover set blue
€129,90 Unit price: €0,00
Silk scarf - Antwerp
€59,90 Unit price: €0,00

Silkmood: Natural, luxury, timeless and sensual

Welcome to Silkmood, the place of high quality natural and hypoallergenic silk products.  As the brand name “Silkmood” indicates, bring the sensual “mood of silk” with our silk products and promoting the advantages of silk for our well-being are our vision.

Silkmood stands for unique and elaborate high quality silk products. Comfort, luxury, timeless elegance and sensuality are the key words that define the Silkmood products.

Our products are characterized by high quality, sustainability, modern design and color variety. They are highly appreciated by domestic and international customers. 

Silkmood currently offers silk bed linen (silk pillowcase, silk duvet cover, silk sheet, silk fitted sheet, silk flat sheet),silk bedding(silk pillow, silk duvet, silk blanket), silk sleepwear /silk pajama, silk scarf and other silk accessories. We are constantly expanding our product range.


We do our best to provide you what needed to enhance your sleeping experience and add a touch of class and luxury to your home.

The recognition and trust of our customers are very important for the growth of Silkmood.

Envisaging developing into the best silk brands, any suggestions, criticisms or comments are more than welcome. 

Silkmood also works as wholesale trader. For B-to-B price, please contact us for more information.

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