Compact, still fabulous on vacation

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Compact, still fabulous on vacation

We look forward to a vacation but deciding what to pack can be time consuming. You want to be sure that you have an outfit for every occasion but without bulging luggage.  Silkmood to the rescue!

Summer is coming again!

Your vacation starts with packing.

You want to look stylish and fabulous on holiday, unfortunately you cannot take your entire wardrobe with you. Deciding what to pack can be time consuming. What do we take with us? What should you definitely not forget? How do you save luggage space? You want to make sure you have an outfit for every occasion, but without bulging luggage.

On the Internet you will find a complete checklist and many tips for packing without stress and for a carefree holiday.

We also have a few tips that you should definitely not forget.

  • For on the road in the car or on the plane, a silk travel pillow and silk eye mask offers you a  wonderfully relaxing.
  • Silk pyjamas are lightweight, quick-drying and take little space. Above all, silk pyjamas are breathable and comfortable.
  • Silk scarves are versatile, they not only color your outfit, but also can used as a top or a skirt on the beach. Check ' How to wear scarves
  • A silk pillowcase takes very little space in your suitcase, but ensures that you enjoy a wonderful night's sleep and it is also very good for your skin and hair!
  • Don't forget our "all in one" product: Silk sleeping bag liner, item number SL11M90220".
    This super compact silk sleeping bag liner is luxurious, soft, lightweight and super compact. It is so versatile and enhances your travel experience. You will immediately feel at ease with your own bedding. Plus, it protects you from potentially contaminated or dirty sheets in a hotel.


Silk feels luxurious, soft and supple. It helps you to relax and improves your sleep quality.

Have a great holiday!



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