Silk vs Satin

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Silk vs Satin

Silk is a natural fiber, can be woven into various forms of fabric. Satin is a satin weave fabric, a weaving technique. The “satin” (usually referring to synthetic polyester) doesn't have the properties of the silk.

Is silk pillowcase same as satin pillowcase?

Many People confuse silk with satin, they think silk is satin or verse versa.

Silk is a natural fiber, can be woven into various forms of fabric, from sheer chiffon, to silk charmeuse, silk jacquard...  It is super lightweight, breathable, airy, and extremely smooth, perfect for hair and skin care.

Satin is a satin weave fabric, a weaving technique in which the intersections of the warp and weft threads are evenly distributed. With this technique, yarns can be woven very close together, making the weave supple. Satin can also be made out of silk, polyester (melted plastics drawn into long strands) and other synthetic fibers.

Today, the word “satin” usually refers to glossy polyester (synthetic fabric). Since much more “satin” is made from cheaper polyester. You will find so called ‘beauty pillowcase’ made of silk in satin woven, it is good for your hair and skin. But you can also find ‘beauty pillowcase’ made of polyester or synthetic satin for a lower price, which is not breathable and therefore does not absorb moisture, is static and fire hazard.

Silk satin is exclusive and more expensive. So, pay close attention and check the label to be sure what material your satin pillowcase, satin duvet cover or your satin pajamas is made of. Chooses absolutely to silk instead of the cheaper synthetic alternative.

Silk is 100% natural fiber, consists of high-quality protein and a high polymer compound of more than twenty kinds of amino acid. It has an excellent biocompatibility with human skin,  and is therefore very good for sensitive skin and dry hair. Silk has a subtle sheen and feels pleasant and soft. Silk has a high degree of moisture absorption and expulsion, very suitable for people with excess perspiration. Silk is hypoallergenic, anti-static, antibacterial, ideal for people with asthma, eczema, dust allergy and other skin conditions.

The “satin” (usually referring to synthetic polyester) doesn't have all these properties!

Silkmood silk products are made from 100% high quality real mulberry silk, all our products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. We don't sell fake silk, or synthetic silk.


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